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Hello Everyone

My name is Aurelia and I have type 1 diabetes. For those of you who don’t know, this means I have to take insulin injections to stay alive. The problem is that insulin is getting more expensive and sometimes just not readily available. That’s why my fiancé and I created a mobile app that helps me keep my sugar levels in check.

After using this app for a while, I realized it can truly help people all over the world. That’s why we decided to make it available for free! Over 500 000 people have already downloaded it, and we’re working on making it even more effective.

We are building a

worldwide network

for individuals with diabetes.

I realized that the increasing number of diabetics, the variability of insulin prices, and the unequal availability is a growing problem worldwide. Predictions show that diabetics in poorer countries won’t be able to afford enough insulin, which may even lead to their deaths.

Our goal is to create a global ecosystem for diabetics that optimizes insulin doses through community, cloud, data from thousands of users, and AI algorithms. However, in order to achieve our goal of helping as many people as possible, we need support for our project.